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The Polish real estate market is becoming more and more popular every year among the eastern neighbors from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. Also every day the number of apartments bought not only in residential high-rise buildings, but also private houses in the distance from the center and city noise increases.

The reason for such foreign investment is quite clear. Poland is part of a large Europe with well-developed infrastructure, banking system, and similar cultural and ethnic principles and distance. This all increases the number of apartments purchased among foreigners.

In Poland, the main demand for apartments, which, if necessary, can be quickly sold, on average, their price is 80-90 thousand euros. The price will also be influenced by a number of other reasons: the specific city, the location of the house, the layout, the availability of parking and so on. Sometimes choose housing with poor repair, but closer to the center, as the repair can be remade, but the house itself in the city does not move. Basically, our buyers are in demand two or three bedroom apartments on the second - fifth floors.

The average price per square meter will be 4-9 thousand zł. One of the most popular cities for buying real estate is Warsaw. The capital, the location of the city near the eastern border, as well as its size and possibilities made the cost of housing in it much higher than average. To this list you can add tourist places, such as Zakopane or the seaside region - Gdansk. In these places, the price per square meter, especially in the center, can jump above 9,000 zł. In general, the prices that are now set for the sale of Polish real estate are very attractive, especially if you consider that this is already a European level. And with the influx of buyers from the east, they will only slightly increase in price.

Recently, it is becoming popular to purchase real estate in small towns at a distance of 20-30 km from a larger one. In this case, the cost can drop to 4 thousand zł per square meter, which is very beneficial, since good roads, inexpensive public transport and the availability of your own car will provide an opportunity to get to the right place within an hour.

Of course, buying a home in Poland does not give you one hundred percent certainty in obtaining a residence permit. In this situation, you can try to request a temporary residence card, and a big plus in resolving this issue will be the availability of work in the RP or a permanent replenishment of the account in a Polish bank, as proof of your solvency.

In addition to money, a foreigner may need permission from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to purchase housing. This rule is more rigidly applied to the purchase of houses, land and commercial real estate. Of course, every case is individual, and since this permission is only about two months, it is better to get it all the same.

In addition, in the embezzlement costs should be invested in real estate services. After all, buying is not cheap, not everyone has an ideal knowledge of the laws and the Polish language, and filling out the documents correctly is a big deal, so such questions should be entrusted to professionals. With the help of the Internet, you can find such a company, register with their former clients, find out prices and so on, so that you do not run into scammers abroad and do not waste your money.

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